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History of Labour Bureau Main Functions of BUREAU Construction and Maintenance of Index Numbers
Collection of Labour Statistics through Statutory and Voluntary Returns Conduct of Surveys/Studies covering different Segments of Labour Imparting Training
Bringing out Reports/Reviews

List of Publications brought out by the Bureau since its inception  Organisation Chart
Organisation Setup

Functions performed and E-Mail Address of Senior Officers Statistics

Press Release

Telephone Directory


New Series for Revision of Base of CPI(IW) launched


Supply of Computer Stationery Items

Efficient functioning of RFD
3rd  Annual Employment-Unemployment Survey Report 2012-13

Volume-I    Volume-II     Press-Note

Report On Youth Employment-Unemployment Scenario

Press Note            Report  (Vol.III)

New Waiting list of Candidates for the Post of Supervisor in Chandigarh Centre and Investigator in Maharashtra and Gujarat States (updated on 21-Mar-2014)

New Waiting List of Candidates for the Post of Supervisor and Investigator in North-Eastern States (updated on 28-Mar-2014)

Joining of contact Supervisor/Investigators in Labour Bureau for North East States and Arunachal Pradesh under 4th Employment & Unemployment Survey


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